“Que Vote Mi Gente,” coalition looks to mobilize Puerto Rican voters in I4 Corridor

On Thursday, Latino leaders and progressive civic organizations from across the Central Florida region launched “Que Vote Mi Gente,” a new coalition to mobilize Puerto Rican voters.

Puerto Ricans moving from the island to the mainland are one of the fastest growing communities in Central Florida, and one of the most newly influential demographic groups in the key swing state. The coalition will promote issues important to Puerto Rican voters such as a health care and employment. In the “Heart of the I4 corridor” one of the biggest battlegrounds in the country, every new voter can make a difference.

“The Puerto Rican population in Florida is quickly closing the cap with Cubans as the state’s biggest Hispanic group,” said Beatriz López, Communications Director, Center for American Progress Action Fund. Those sheer numbers combined with a clear overwhelming majority that have decided to show up to the polls is a powerful indicator of how great their impact will be in November and what issues will rise to the top of 2017, locally and nationally. If candidates and elected leaders aren’t paying attention of this voting bloc now, they are making a very big mistake.”

The coalition will launch a series of community engagement events including candidate forums, caravanas (community rallies), PSAs, and a digital campaign around #QueVoteMiGente. By the close of voter registration, organizers in the coalition hope to have knocked on more than 100,000 doors in the I-4 corridor to educate and mobilize the Puerto Rican vote.

Source: Frank Torres, Orlando Political Observer