FIRE and Fluente Partnership to Brings Language Education to Orlando

On Thursday night, members of the community came together in East Orlando to try and bridge the language gap in the diverse Central Florida region with English and Spanish Language training provided in cooperation by Fluente and the Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment.

The eight week program provides not only an opportunity for locals to come together and learn conversational Spanish and English but also educate one another about their vote this election season. It’s designed to be an opportunity for Spanish and English speakers to meet in a low-pressure environment and have fearless interactions.

While the primary purpose is language instruction, the series will have classes dedicated to the environment, women, living wage, individual rights, and voting keeping in line with FIRE’s previous advocacy work with progressive issues.

In their first meeting, the members of the class had time to socialize before beginning their training with music and a few fun language exercises.

“The series will be full of weekly 90 minute conversation practice for Spanish and English learners as a language learning experience,” says Jose Luis Marentes, the founder of FLUENTE “By building a community for language learners to come together and support one another not only serves the real need for conversation practice but helps us build a more connected, tolerant and engaged neighborhood and city.

Source: Frank Torres, Orlando Political Observer