Hundreds march against Climate Change and Corporate Greed in Orlando

On Saturday, Hundreds of young activists from across the Southeast came together to march against climate change and a tourism industry, they believe exploits low wage workers in exchange for billions in profits.

The activists were in town for the Southeast Powershift Conference (story HERE). A weekend long summit that informs and trains activists to combat climate change and other social issues in their home communities. The conference features keynote speakers in a variety of economic and social issues and also offers breakout training sessions that focuses on activism in specific areas.

“Today, we went out and had a direct action calling for a movement against climate change and intersectional rights, like gender rights and labor rights ” said Tasmin Mellouli, a Biology Student from UCF “This means a lot. When you have a community come together like this we can get a lot done together.”

The group of activists marched down I-Drive to the McDonalds on the corner of Sand Lake Road to highlight the low wages in the fast food industry and down to the Orlando Eye accompanied by a police escort. The event was peaceful with no notable conflicts or heated exchanges.

The summit continues tomorrow and is a the third of a series of four regional Power Shift events across the country organized primarily by the Power Shift Network and local progressive partner organizations

Athena Montes, a representative of the Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment, calls on people that couldn’t make it to the conference to get involved “Get involved with local organizations that work with ‘People Power’, social justice, economic justice, racial justice, because all of it intersects in some capacity in communities that are being marginalized by corporate entities.”

Source: Frank Torres, Orlando Political Observer