Democrats rally across the country to save and expand Obamacare Washington Post

Democrats and labor organizers spent Sunday at dozens of rallies across the country, pledging to fight in Congress against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and any attempt to change Medicare or Medicaid. The party's leaders faced crowds ranging in size from dozens to thousands of people, urging them to call Republicans and protest the push for repeal. Read more

Puerto Ricans are a voting powerhouse for the first time—and they could make Clinton president

TAMPA—Every Election Day, Florida causes a ton of stress for the rest of America—at least, according to Vice President Joe Biden. Read more

Hispanic participation up by more than 400,000 votes

ORLANDO, Fla. - Early voting wrapped up over the weekend. Election supervisors can continue to accept mailed in ballots. More than 42.4 million people have already voted and roughly half the states with advance voting are reporting record levels, including states with booming Hispanic populations, a possible good sign for Hillary Clinton. Read more

Immigrant voters feel weight of responsibility at ballot box

Mariela Delgado watched from behind a bar counter as Barack Obama made history in 2008 by becoming the first African American to win the White House. Read more

Central Florida’s Puerto Rican community could decide November’s presidential election

Under the hot sun, María Merced Valiente stands with a clipboard in hand in front of a Bravo supermarket in Orlando. For the past month, Merced Valiente and a group of mostly women have been slathering on sunscreen and going to bakeries, supermarkets, festivals, restaurants and neighborhoods to register Puerto Ricans and other Latinos to vote by mail. When she first started, she says groups of people would come up to her to see how they could get their ballot mailed, but the fever has since died down. To prove her point, she calls out to a man getting a shopping cart. Read more

Parties Make Final Push for Central Florida’s Puerto Rican Votes

ORLANDO, Fla. — Ramon Troche Pacheco, 77, said that like his father before him, he favors Democratic candidates. So, on November 8, he will vote for Hillary Clinton. But for the U.S. Senate race, he will vote for Republican incumbent Marco Rubio. Read more

Puerto Rican style Caravana gets the Hispanic vote out in East Orlando

On Saturday, a Puerto Rican style caravana moved down the streets of East Orlando with dozens of vehicles playing music and promoting the importance of the Hispanic community’s votes in one of the biggest political battlegrounds in the country with 10 days to go. Read more

Frankie Negrón: Push #QueVoteMiGente to White House and beyond

This election is full of so-called sleeping giants and silent majorities. Ask any pundit, and they will tell you that the secret sauce is here, there, or somewhere in between. But in Florida, a team of organizers and civic organizations is coaxing a very real giant with the sound of musical icon Hector Lavoe. I am talking about the Puerto Rican voters of the I-4 corridor.   Read more