Organize Now to open new Kissimmee field office to mobilize Hispanic vote Thursday evening

Desiring to drive up Hispanic voter turnouts, local progressive group Organize Now is opening a new field office in the heart of Kissimmee tonight at 6 p.m.

Located at 117 S. Clyde Ave., the office will serve as the primary means of mobilizing and enthusing the Hispanic voter base in the area — which they call one of American politics’ newest power constituencies.

Hispanics, they say, are one of the largest and most viable markets for candidates to reach out to in Florida, so large are their numbers now. But their concerns, from the financial debt crisis in Puerto Rico to the Zika virus’ spread, have largely been ignored by politicians on both sides of the aisle.

“With the increasing political power of this population, candidates will have to decide how their agenda proposes to take on these issues,” the press release states. “The regional office will support the grassroots community, business owners, and everyday voters to engage on the issues of Puerto Rico and beyond, focused on ensuring each and every single voter is heard and counted.”