Our Campaigns

Organize Florida works on a variety of campaigns throughout a given year. Whether at the neighborhood level, city or county, statewide or national, every campaign is a priority if membership decides it is.  Active and past campaigns and issues we are fighting for include:

Earned Sick Time

In 2012, Organize Florida worked to pass a county-wide earned sick time initiative in the state of Florida--winning by 64%. Although the effort was thwarted by the Orange County Commission breaking the law, the campaign called out the injustice and continued to fight for more transparency and accountability in Orange County and led the investigation around Textgate. The fight for Earned Sick Time in Florida continues.

Transparent and Open Government

Organize Florida has waged one of the largest accountability campaigns in the state of Florida. Winning three lawsuits against Orange County government for their failure to obey public records laws, members seek to continue holding local government accountable to the public through public records requests, direct actions, and media campaigns.

Marijuana Deprioritization

On May 9, 2016 Organize Florida and our Racial Justice Committee celebrated a huge victory once Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City Council passed an ordinance to deprioritize arrests for small amounts of marijuana. This victory came as a result of more than a year of hard work on the part of our Racial Justice Committee. Our members worked tirelessly, meeting with the Mayor and members of the City Commission to educate them on the proposed ordinance. They collected thousands of petitions across Orlando. Our members and allies not only testified for hours in front of our city commission, they told their stories about their personal experiences, ultimately convincing the majority that a yes vote was the right vote!

Que Vote Mi Gente

Organize Florida joined Latino leaders and civic organizations from across the Central Florida region and the nation to create “Que Vote Mi Gente,” a coalition to mobilize Puerto Rican voters, one of the newest power constituencies in American politics. Puerto Ricans moving from the island to the mainland are one the fastest growing communities in Central Florida, thereby one of the most newly influential demographic groups in Florida.

Organize Florida worked with the grassroots community, business owners, and everyday voters to engage on the issues of Puerto Rico and beyond, focused on ensuring each and every single voter is heard and counted. Our direct voter engagement consisted of caravanas, cafecitos and community activities at events such as the Puerto Rican festival and Calle Ocho.