Our Committees

Racial Justice Committee

The rising visibility of practices of discriminatory policing and mass incarceration across the country empowered the members of Organize Florida to form the Racial Justice Committee in the spring of 2015.

The committee has laid the groundwork for a voice for low-income and communities of color who confront a host of shared challenges - a lack of good jobs, a limited supply of affordable, quality housing and law enforcement practices that are neither respectful nor effective.

Over the two years, Organize Florida has comprised of a diverse array of like-minded individuals ready to tackle issues through both policy change and action when necessary, the Racial Justice Committee won a huge victory when the City of Orlando passed deprioritization of arrests for marijuana.

The committee’s goal is for our communities to develop a deeper understanding of such shared challenges by laying the groundwork for collaborative efforts to confront these issues together.

Climate Justice Committee

Historically, American society has failed to make the connection in terms of direct impact of environmental injustices, including climate change, on our lives, families, communities, which depend on the physical environment.

Without a movement powerful enough to win bold solutions to the climate crisis, over the coming years, low-income communities and communities of color will bear the brunt of the greatest man-made disaster the world has ever known. Each day brings a new story of climate change’s disproportionate impact on low-income people of color and these impacts will only rapidly intensify as time goes on.

Since 2015, the Climate Justice Committee has mobilized hundreds of individuals to take part in organizing climate change in Orlando and Tampa by bringing attention to Central Florida’s economic and racial justice issues that affect the low-income and communities of color. The committee has been instrumental in organizing the People’s Climate Movement’s national day of action in 2015, and hosting Power Shift Southeast in September of 2016.

Reproductive Justice Committee

Organize Florida launched the Reproductive Justice Committee in May of 2016. Our work in Reproductive Justice is important because Florida has been the target of legislation limiting access to reproductive health care that disproportionately affects low income women. Since the creation of our Reproductive Justice Committee, our team continues to plan and engage in actions that bring to light the fact that low income women in Florida do not have equal access to reproductive health care.