Puerto Rican style Caravana gets the Hispanic vote out in East Orlando

On Saturday, a Puerto Rican style caravana moved down the streets of East Orlando with dozens of vehicles playing music and promoting the importance of the Hispanic community’s votes in one of the biggest political battlegrounds in the country with 10 days to go.

Caravanas, often found in Puerto Rico and other regions with heavy Hispanic communities involve cars, trucks, and vans vibrantly decorated with campaign signs and streamers, with candidates often on a loudspeaker taking their message directly to the voters.

The event was organized by Organize NOW, the Hispanic Federation, Mision Boricua and several other groups with the intention as part of the #QueVoteMiGente campaign, a broad coalition effort to turn out the newly influential Puerto Rican community in Florida.

“These caravanas go through neighborhoods getting people excited and motivated to vote.” said Christina Hernandez with Organize Now “There are a lot of cars, a lot of music and excitement that brings the community together. We let them know how important the Latino vote is and especially how important the Puerto Rican vote is going to be in this election.”

With a booming Hispanic population in the area, the fastest growing group of voters in Florida could be the deciding factor in the race for the White House with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leap-frogging in the polls. Both parties are in the middle of extensive outreach to push their message with heavy media buys on Spanish television and radio.

This was the second of three caravanas taking place in the I4 corridor. Several individual campaigns have used the same approach to take their message to voters.

Source: Frank Torres, Orlando Political Observer