Sabal Trail Petition

We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed 515-mile underground Sabal Trail Transmission fracked-gas pipeline. The Sabal Trail pipeline will run through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida putting communities, the environment, and our drinking water at risk. We are concerned about the construction of this pipeline for the following reasons:

  • Highly pressurize fracked-gas will be carried by the Sabal Trail pipeline, increasing the risk of pipe leaks, explosions and harmful emissions from methane releases near vulnerable communities and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Our drinking water is at risk of contamination as Sabal Trail passes through the Floridan Aquifer which provides over 60% of the state’s drinking water, and over 90% of the drinking water to residents in North and Central Florida.
  • One of the compression stations is located along residential neighborhoods in Davenport. Serious health problems, including heart disease, hearing impairment, and memory loss have been linked to Low-Frequency Noise (LFN), which the compression station would be emitting at all times, 24/7.
  • Communities of color and low-income communities will be unfairly affected by fracked-gas results in far more greenhouse emissions over time. These communities already bear the burden of Climate Change.
  • Renewables will be blocked out of the Florida grid for up to 20-50 years if Sabal Trail pipeline is allowed to move forward.


Join Organize Florida to help halt the construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline until a comprehensive environmental impact statement is done by an independent source.

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