Tell Hillsborough County White Supremacists Don’t Represent Us!

While we had a big victory the other week in Hillsborough County, white supremacists are still being put in positions of power.


After several months Organize Florida, along with many allies, won the fight to remove the Confederate Memorial from the City of Tampa.  But moments after that vote, they appointed, David McCallister, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and spokesperson for the Save Southern Heritage group to the Diversity Advisory Council.  McCallister now sits on a board meant to embrace differences of opinion, while at the same time the head of the group that is targeting and harassing our members and allies.


Two of the members of the Council have resigned after his appointment.  Even the Board Chair, Nestor Ortiz, who resigned was appalled at the decision.  In an article by the Tampa Bay Times, he states, "This body is meant to engage the incredibly diverse communities found throughout Hillsborough County that have historically been marginalized, disenfranchised and oppressed by individuals with values similar to Mr. Mcallister (sic) and his group."


Hateful and violent groups should not be representing us at any level of government. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Stand with us as we demand the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners stand up against white supremacy and remove David McCallister from the Diversity Advisory Council.  We will hand deliver these petitions and your comments to the Hillsborough County Commission in September.


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